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B&H Photo Video (also known as B&H Photo and B&H and B&H Foto & Electronics Corporation) is an American photo and video equipment retailer founded in 1973, based in Manhattan, New York City. B&H conducts business through online e-commerce consumer sales, business to business sales, and its one retail location. Customers engage with B&H via its websites, retail store, phone sales and customer service.

Mark details his issue with the store: "I ordered from B&H Photo a Nikon D5600 w 18-140 kit lens and a Nikon 50mm lens. I returned both in a timely manner and B&H Photo received the items 6.23.2020. I had forgotten the warranty card for the 50mm lens. I emailed them immediately the same day I mailed the lens back and two days later I mailed the warranty back per USPS w/ a note as to what order the warranty card belonged to. Then I waited to be refunded at least the Nikon camera w/ its kit lens until the 50 mm lens warranty card arrived. But nothing happened as my credit card that was charging me interest on over $900 on the camera w/ kit lens had still not been refunded.

So I wrote on 7/7/2020. They said they still hadn't received the returned warranty card for the 50mm lens. This had no affect on the returned camera w/ kit lens that should of been refunded at least 10 days ago by the end of June I thought to myself. From this day onward I wrote over a dozen emails mentioning I should be refunded for the camera and kit lens at least. Every time, at least 4 different cust serv reps from B&H kept repeating that they hadn't received the 50 mm lens warranty card. And I kept mentioning that the camera and kit lens can still be refunded since that was a separate item. Again at least 10 different times they IGNORED my insisting the camera and lens should be refunded.

So today on 7/10 I finally wrote back to the same person who had just a few minutes ago ignored my plea to refund the camera w/ kit lens. I wrote "I have just filed a complaint with the BBB and I will write negative reviews wherever I can due to your terrible customer service!" In only a few minutes time the same female Daniela C. responded per email that she has requested that the camera w/ kit lens be refunded back to you. Had I not mentioned BBB and bad reviews these same people would still be ignoring my request to refund the camera w/ kit lens. Unbelievable! I have been a regular customer w B&H Photo for over 10 years having spent over $10,000 on camera gear. When this is all straightened out I will never shop at B&H again! Adorama from now on.

Matt mentioned, "Listen I get that Covid is wreaking havoc on the shipping industry but this is a joke. Ordered a $2500 camera when it was announced. In the process Free shipping was selected but unknown to me, free shipping on this item was "saver" not "express". The item finally ships and here I am two weeks later with nothing to show for it. B&H may not control Fedex but it sure does control what options are available on their site. If they are going to offer free shipping, and they KNOW it will take weeks to arrive they should remove the saver option and only offer express. At this point I would be shocked if my $2500+$200 tax camera ever shows and God help me if I need to file a claim. NEVER SHOP WITH B&H unless you want to get screwed over by their penny pinching ways. Order from Adorama or your local camera shop instead. These people are a joke and they know it!"


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Many employees, both in the store, and in 440 8th ave HQ, will never speak how they really feel about the company, out of fear of retaliation. They claim there is none, but working here for them, for years, you would have to be a fool to think there is none. They is a strange structure, one for Jewish employees, and the other for non Jews. You see Jewish employees move up with no qualifications for the positions given to them. If you are non Jewish, they is no way to take some positions unless you are qualified for it. Many managers are like baby sitters in the store. They don't even know the insides of the equipment that many of the employees sell. They micro manage you with the software they call Time Track. I've seen them discriminate against non Jewish women. I noticed that they have now improved with women, but they give the promotions to woman who just join the company instead of giving it to some girls who have been there longer. I've noticed that they promote Caucasian women more than minorities. They easily write you up for little things, so they can build a paper trail to justify never letting you move up, or to terminate you in the future. I've seen colleagues of mine retaliated against. I've seen hundred of employees furloughed but the company does not seem to care to check up on them to see how they are doing. I thought that the company really cared about it's employees. But I guess during this pandemic, it only cares about the ones currently working. I was in a meeting where managers did not even come to the meeting with mask on . And these where Jewish managers. HR is a joke when it comes to trouble shooting problems. They are just there to protect the company, and not really help with the over all well being of the soul of the employee. Mr Schreiber, the owner, has been good to me. I cannot say anything bad about the owner. But I wonder if anyone cares enough to tell him that some people are not really doing good for the soul of the employees. If you ask a Jewish employee, they tow the party line, and will not say anything on record. Even some of the managers in the store talk bad about the upper management, but are too afraid to say it publicly out of fear of loosing their jobs. Like I say, it's like the story of Faust, if you think that the soul of a job is Benefits/Salary, work here. If you think that a job has to feed the soul, and motivation of the human spirit, then don't work here. It will suck the soul from you if that is what you seek. I've toughed it our because I have a huge family to support, so I'm stuck here. If I was young, and single, with a sense of a soul needs, I would not be here."

Former Employee - Senior Account Manager says

"Every aspect of working there. Bigotry, nepotism, racism, favoritism, terrible structure, lack of actual HR support, Poor management"

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"EXREAMLY HEAVY WORK LOAD Unrealistic expectations Some co workers are hard to work with."

Former Employee - Content Writer says

"The internal dealings with the employees are weird - the HR department is powerless. Harassment is uncommon. After working hard there for all this time, growing in my expertise, and hearing from the managemant how good and valuable I am, I learned that the company's policy is NOT to provide employment references. So now after all this time I am unable to use anyone at the company as reference for current job search. Thanks for the money and benefits, now I cannot land a job! I wasted 5 years of my life. It is embracing to reach out to managers with whom I worked 10 years ago to ask for references. I used to be a good advocate for the company, but not anymore. Their PR motto of 'good will' is phony."

Former Employee - Cashier says

"Anything you do could get you fired and they're racist"

Former Employee - Cashier! says

"30 min lunch breaks. They don't tell you upon hiring that after your trial period your mandatory schedule is a 10 hour shift you get one weekday off and Saturday off which is mandatory because they are closed. The managers for the cashiers are females who are all young and pretty much seem like it's their first job. I have worked several retail jobs prior to this one and I can say it's THE WORST. No organization they want you to do a lot for 9.25 when you ask for a day off in advance to handle personal things doctors appointment etc. Had I've know what I've known now I would have never worked there. The dress code for cashiers is all black while sales ppl wear whatever they want and get paid almost double the cashiers. A lot of favoritism and just gossip. I could go on and on about cons but I won't lol. If you are looking for something just to pay the bills do it but do not get stuck there. They will use you till they need more ppl and they systematically fire ppl so I'm not even sure if kissing butt is even worth it. There are no benefits and no perks for working there. Honestly you're better off in mcdonalds which pays more!!!! Lol"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"getting promotions has a lot to do with nepotism and what synagogue you pray in. the best thing that happened to employees was that bh photo was sued for millions of dollars because they were paying Hasidim more than the Spanish employees. after that lawsuit a lot of policies were put in place to bring policies into the 21 century."

Current Employee - Inside Sales Account Manager says

"If you are not Jewish, you're kind of outcasted. Additionally, if you're female, many male workers don't respect you as highly as the male coworkers. HR is a joke, they don't handle any issues appropriately and they fail to be inclusive. Internal communication is so incredibly poor it's not even laughable. They work you until you feel like you'll have a mental breakdown. If you want to seek transferring to another department, management finds you a position - you cannot find it yourself which then leads to all departments being run by unqualified unpassionate people."

Current Employee - Management says

"Minimal National Holidays off and Culture"

Former Employee - Cashier says

"Quick to fire, inadequate management, unprofessional behavior while on the clock (even management)"

Account Manager -Government, Education & International Sales Group (Former Employee) says

"Putting aside the poor compensation, childlike treatment (Pizza in leu of financial bonuses, chance to win "prizes" for hard work), the management is atrocious and HR as well. The company knows they have the best prices and would rather coast off that then build a productive department where everyone is treated equal. If you are not a religious Jew (the more religious the better) your success is only rewarded with more work, usually correcting the many mistakes of employees that fit the religious ethos of the company. HR will bully you into silence if you bring up any issues I.E. tell you to work elsewhere or stop complaining. Cons: Everything else"

Web Content Writer (Former Employee) says

"At 4:30 or so each day, B&H turns all the lunchrooms into mini-worship rooms for employees of a certain background. The shades are drawn, the rooms fill with people shoulder to shoulder - this happens everyday - and happened after Covid-19 warnings were issued. B&H will not let you take any bereavement time if a close relative dies - only if they're a parent, child, spouse or sibling. At B&H you are property, not a person. Unless you are the same background as the owners, have a beard and wear a hat, you are treated as a non-entity. All the buyers are males from a certain background. B&H has refused to let me leave 15-minutes early for doctor appointments. There is almost zero job training - and zero room to grow. There is rampant discrimination that affects getting hired, promotions, salary, and how you're treated. B&H doesn't advertise job opening - those are given based on favoritism. B&H retirement contribution is very low. No matter how many years you work at B&H - you only get 15 days for personal, sick, and vacation. Communications from management are often condescending and mean. Cons: Awful time-off policies. No job growth."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't work here you put in over time n you don't see it the Jews here are rude and the leads are trash Etc it's not worth the stress or your time"

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"All they care about is the bottom dollar. And the entire management staff is completely incompetent. The pay is unfair. Raises and bonuses are not given as they should be or just forgotten about altogether. No matter how hard you work or how dedicated you are if corporate can save a penny throwing you away then they'll do it in a heartbeat. Don't trust them."

Runner (Former Employee) says

"It wasnt for me it was slow paced the people there was rude and could barely speak English break were to short and they work you like a Slave it just wasn’t for me"

Tower Truck Operator (Current Employee) says

"B&H would have been a good place to work if only the management are a bit concern about the welfare of their staff generally. They make people work hard and also make it look as if u have done nothing. They are sentimental in their judgement. Cons: Short break"

Cashier Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"They discriminate against the workers that come from the united staffing agency.. they over work you with no kind of raise. Not even a thank you. There attitude stinks! Cons: Just working there period!"

Store Shelf (Former Employee) says

"Not so great your pushed and constantly yelled at for a low rate pay of $9.00 Cons: Managers pay & schedules"

Truck coordinator (Former Employee) says

"this company warehouse position is not consistant with the rules they change the rules every day which make sit very hard to do your job effectively and productively"

Department Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Managers dont know what they're doing and overwork the beat employees they have. Wouldn't be so bad if they payed the hard workers better but...leaving soon 👍🏼"

Cashier, trainer (Former Employee) says

"The company will propose that the employees have to work on the holidays and on the week of the holidays they hand out a paper to be consented by the employees. Even though if it is not signed because you don't not agree and was not told this upon accepting the job offer they still terminate you because of failure to show up on your rightful day off. They are inconsiderate and toy with peoples lives. There is no chance for improvement and if promoted chances are that person is likely to get fired after 2/3 weeks. Cons: One 30 minute break, could not walk sales floor, could not dress the way we normally would feel comfortable."

Tourism Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worked at B&H for a short time but I was hired through a staffing agency (United Staffing Solutions). I was thrown into my department and not any rules and regulations. I learned the basics of the job nothing much about the company and structure. I helped customers, mainly tourist so I was able to meet people from all over the world. That was a positive. B&H as a company is a pretty good place to work, good pay, even better hours and good benefits. Since I was hired through the staffing agency and not B&H I was only paid $9.00 and received no benefits. Management for USS was terrible. Bad communication and not flexible at all. Too many different supervisors and managers as well. And there was clearly not much room for growth within the company. The hardest part of the job was management. The most enjoyable was the customers and the people from all over the world that I met. Cons: USS employees received no pay for Jewish holidays even though B&H employees did."

Import Business facilitator (Current Employee) says

"You will be promised you can move up as this is a huge and growing company. You may even get a nice position but wont get a raise until it is review time. before review time comes someones relative with no experience needs a job so he takes you over. Bottom line is no place to grow and nobody to talk to."

Shipping and Receiving Associate (Former Employee) says

"Would not reccommend this job to someone whom english is their first and only language. After only three days, I saw the favoritism.I am a hard working individual who deserves a company which values ALL employees! I lived in Spain for 6 months, and was expected to learn the language to be effective and cohesive in my job. The same should apply in the United States. Yo want to live and work here, learn the language. End of story. Such a waste of my time! Cons: Nasty lunch"

Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"Management is inconsiderate at times unless you're able to get in good with certain ones, then you won't encounter too many issues/minimal problems. My associates and team players made the stress of what I had to do for my job more tolerable. Most associates do help when help is needed, but for the most - management and HR is mostly discriminatory. I attended a meeting where I spoke up on behalf of the Returns Receiving department, how unfairly we were being treated, how favoritism played a huge/major role in bonuses/pay raises, and anything that was ethically unfair/unjust. I encountered a car issue and was let go due to a personal issue against my vocal. Being vocal doesn't get you far unless you're either Jewish or favored by the company. The company is silently prejudice against many individuals."

web content writer (Former Employee) says

"I was hired as a content writer for the optics group and have worked there for almost 5 years in the same role."

Assistant supervisor (Former Employee) says

"They discriminate, you cant attain more than assistant supervisor if you’re not a Jew. They are too forceful, not considerate, they don’t care about your health, many had to leave the company because you don’t have time of your own especially does that came from the agency they treat them really badly. Hope goverment can’t look into the affair of the company."

Accounts Payable Specialist, B&H Photo Video (Former Employee) says

"it's a dead end. there is zero room for advancement the only way to get a new position is to be good enough to be considered, but bad enough that your manager won't block you from leaving the team."

Receiving Clerk/Overstock Liaison (Former Employee) says

"Do not waste your time here. I gave them almost 3 years of my life to help them grow their company and they repaid me by taking my position away and laying me off."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"i had a sprained ankle and nobody helped me at that job so i didnt come back to that job plus they dont pay me that good and i didnt even wanna go back"

John Buela says

"Ordered 2 units of Google Pixel 4a 5g.There carrier "Fedex" didn't deliver my order.They just signed the delivery receipt and stole my order.They even invented a name who received it.B&H does not want to file a claim to Fedex and they also don't want to refund or replaced my missing order.AVOID THIS STORE AT ALL COST.SUCH A SCAM TO ALL HONEST CONSUMERS.SAVE YOUR money and buy elsewhere."

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